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The performance clothing market is growing exponentially.  What was once a unique product limited to only a few companies is now broader in selection than the ZOOM soft bait catalogue.  Anyone who is at all passionate about their job, sport, or hobby knows how important having the right equipment can be.   Now, people are starting to realize that their clothing is just as essential to their performance and enjoyment as any other piece of equipment.

Tac Wear manufactures a military and law enforcement grade clothing line that focuses on comfort, protection, and performance.  Unlike many similar products, Tac Wear is not treated with chemicals to gain performance benefits.  Tac Wear’s Coolmax Extreme with Fresh FX fabric is a stand-alone product.  The technology that regulates your temperature and wicks away moisture is built right in the material.  This means that Tac Wear will not lose its high performance properties after long term use, because the technology cannot be “washed out” like it can be in other products.  These fabrics are moisture wicking, anti-microbial, and offer high level UV protection.  Nobody wants to be a sweaty, smelly guy with a sun burn.

I started using Tac Wear products in a professional capacity ten years ago (wow…I’m getting old), and I have since found multiple applications for them in other aspects of my life.  Simply put, there is no other product on the market I would rather wear while working, training, or fishing.

Live 2 Fish Tac Wear Performance Apparel Apparel Reviews  tactical apparel fishing gear review fishing apparel   The first product I tried was the thermal waffle-knit shirt.  I work 12 hour night shifts, and that twelve hours can feel mighty long when you are damp and cold.  I have yet to replace the shirts I purchased back in the fall of 2003.  Those shirts perform as well today as they did then, and hold absolutely no stale odor from all those years of use.  I hate being cold, and these shirts are as essential to my winter gear as my boots and toque.

Most recently I started wearing the Cool Wear crew neck t-shirts and longLive 2 Fish Tac Wear Performance Apparel Apparel Reviews  tactical apparel fishing gear review fishing apparel   sleeve shirts.  I fished in these shirts the last two summers, totalling about 100 days on the water.  Tac Wear kept me dry and comfortable on those blistering hot days where I was flipping grass mats, without a breath of wind to be had.  Even under my rain gear, these shirts kept me comfortable during those summer downpours by wicking the sweat away from my body.  Compared to Cool Wear, a cotton t-shirt feels like you’re wearing a plastic bag.  Again, after two seasons in summer heat these shirts have no nasty odors.  The UV protection is a real bonus when you spend a 10 hour day in the boat.

The comfort afforded by Tac Wear removes the distractions created by the temperature.  That way, you can focus on your job, your fishing, or whatever activity it is that you want to enjoy.  Visit www.tacwear.com for further details.


Bill Boland

Name: Bill Boland Home Water: Lake Scugog / Rice Lake Preferred Fishing Style: Power fishing Favourite Fishing Condition: Hot weather, slick calm water Preferred technics: Simming a jig, punching mats, crankin', topwater Rig: Triton 196, 200 Merc Opti Sponsors: Left Hook Outdoors, Tac Wear, Fish 4 Charity

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